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Roselle & Lotus Leaf Tea

The combination of Roselle and lotus leaf can effectively reduce pressure for the body. Roselle is good for digestion. Fragrant Lotus leaf can alleviate the greasy feeling after the meal.

I. Ingredients

Roselle: 3 pieces      Dried lotus leaf: 0.1 oz      Honey: proper amount


1. Wash roselle and dried lotus leaf slightly with clear water, put it into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and add 40 oz water(1200 ml water level indicator)

2. Start the Tea mode, wait till it automatically power off and the tea temperature drops to around 104℉, add a proper amount of honey for better taste.


1. The time of adding honey shall be well controlled, i.e. after the temperature of the flower tea drops, so that the nutritional value of honey will not be destroyed. The honey can also be added after the flower tea is poured into the teacup.

2. The color of Roselle will fade greatly after soaking twice, so it is suggested to change ingredients timely.