BUYDEEM G37 Digital Multi-Function 1.5L Food Steamer

Cozy Greenish
Mellow Yellow

With its compact body, the G37 multifunctional food steamer is an ideal choice for small families of 1-2 people and proves to be the best option for individuals living alone or busy moms with babies. Its fashionable appearance and small footprint belie its versatility, offering a range of functions to meet various needs, including steaming, boiling, stewing soup, and more.


Capacity 1.5L
Wattage 700W
Power Cord Length 1.2m
Accessories Stainless Steel Steamer Plate, Instructions & Recipes

Compact Body

Compact and effortlessly portable, this appliance can be conveniently stored on kitchen tables, small dining tables, pantries, and various other spaces. Its ease of movement ensures flexibility in placement and storage, catering to your convenience in any living area.

Multi-functional Steamer

Enjoy the convenience of multiple functions in one appliance, including steaming, boiling, stewing, yogurt fermentation, heat preservation, timer reservation, and more. With this versatile device, you can effortlessly prepare all three meals of the day using just one pot.

Easy to Use

Featuring an intuitive display screen for clear function settings and a user-friendly knob operation, this product is designed to be exceptionally simple and easy to use.

Efficient And Fast Heating

Benefit from the 700W high power, allowing you to steam food in just 1 minute and indulge in your favorite dishes faster. The high arch lid design, coupled with three-dimensional circulation heating, instantly locks in the nutritional value of your food, ensuring a quick and nutritious cooking experience.

Ingenious Design

Enhanced with wider and taller lid handles, along with binaural insulated pot handles and an anti-scald design for the stew holder, this appliance prioritizes safety and ease of use. Additionally, its user-friendly design ensures easy cleaning, providing a hassle-free experience in maintaining the device.

Safety First

Constructed with food-grade safe materials, this appliance ensures safety in every use.

It features triple insurance against dry burning, including over-temperature alert, automatic heating stop for over-temperature, and an automatic power-off function, ensuring confidence and peace of mind during use.