BUYDEEM G553 (G563) Digital Multi-Function 5L+10L Food Steamer

Regular (G553)
With Stew Pots (G563)
Double Trayer (G53.+A501)

Effortlessly prepare three meals a day with the BUYDEEM multifunctional steamer G553  This innovative product has earned the prestigious IDEA Design Award, highlighting its superior quality. Despite its compact A4 size, the steamer boasts an impressive 5L capacity (can be increased to 10L capacity), making it a culinary powerhouse. With the performance equivalent to six small kitchen appliances, the G553 combines efficiency and versatility, ensuring the perfect cooking experience.


Capacity 10L
Wattage 1500W
Power Cord Length 1.2m
Accessories 30cm Steamer Tray, Stainless Steel Steamer Rack, 480ml Glass Crock*2, Manual & Recipes

1 for 6 Appliances

Experience the efficiency of a dual-layer design that addresses multiple needs simultaneously. This versatile appliance combines five functions in one, offering the convenience of a steamer, crockpot, yogurt maker, food supplement maker, sterilizer, and rice cooker all at the same time. Simplify your kitchen routine with a single device that caters to a variety of culinary tasks.

Compact Body

Compact and no larger than an A4 sheet of paper, this design saves valuable space in the kitchen, offering both functionality and efficiency in a compact form.

High Efficiency Heating

Steam within 60s, 40% increased heating efficiency, no air leakage, no water spraying, and an ideal temperature curve for stone cooking, instantly preserving food nutrients.

Several Accessories for Different Needs

Include a double glass stew pot, two-layer steam rack, and a special ceramic tray for steaming fish, and more.

Ingenious Design

The curved lid design prevents water vapor from dripping onto food. External water filling ports on both sides allow for steam addition without worrying about scalds. The thermostat, coupled with a double dry-burning design, eliminates the need to monitor the fire. Additionally, there are reminders for water shortage and power failure restart.