BUYDEEM G67 Digital Multi-Function Food Steamer

Cozy Greenish
Mellow Yellow

BUYDEEM multifunctional steamer G67 offering a practical large capacity suitable for a family of six, this versatile appliance allows for multiple dish combinations. With nine functions in one, it ensures everyday usability without going unused. Achieve fast steaming of food with high temperature and high fire, providing efficient and stress-free cooking. Steam well and free up your mind for other tasks.

· Large capacity for serving more food
· Convenient preset program from 5 mins-18 hrs
· Automatic keep warm functign and powerful steam system
- Dual safety : dry-burn protection & low-water-level warning

Capacity 14L
Wattage 1500W
Power Cord Length 1.2m
Accessories Crock Holder, Stainless Steel Steaming Rack, Manual

1 for 6 Appliances

Experience the efficiency of a dual-layer design that addresses multiple needs simultaneously. This versatile appliance combines five functions in one, offering the convenience of a steamer, crockpot, yogurt maker, food supplement maker, sterilizer, and rice cooker all at the same time. Simplify your kitchen routine with a single device that caters to a variety of culinary tasks.

Enlarged Size

Featuring a practical large capacity, this appliance is versatile enough to accommodate various sizes of utensils, making it ideal for cooking larger portions of ingredients. With the capability to cook 2-8 dishes at once, the double decker design is perfect for a family of 6.

High Efficiency Heating

Steam within 60s, 40% increased heating efficiency, no air leakage, no water spraying, and an ideal temperature curve for stone cooking, instantly preserving food nutrients.

Functional Upgrades

Streamline your cooking experience with exclusive function keys tailored for specific ingredients like eggs, meat, seafood, grains, and more. This feature ensures a hassle-free and convenient cooking process, allowing you to easily customize settings for different food items.

Ingenious Design

The curved lid guarantees no air leaks and prevents condensation from falling directly onto food. An external water filler spout allows you to add water without risking injuries from steam. Dual dry burn insurance ensures safe use, and the edge-free steam rack design prevents burns when reaching for your food. Every aspect of the unit's design prioritizes safety and convenience.