BUYDEEM K640 Colorful Classic Kettle

Cozy Greenish
Mellow Yellow
Stainless Steel

With a retro design merging nostalgia and modernity, this kettle is ideal for gifting and personal use. Boasting a 1.7L capacity, it suits households and events, and the 1440-watt hidden heating element allows quick boiling for 1-3 cups. Emphasizing safety, the kettle assures peace of mind and ensures easy cleaning for added convenience.


Capacity 1.7L
Wattage 1440W
Material Stainless Steel
Net Weight 2.4 lbs
Dry Burn Protection Y
Automatic Power-off Protection Y

Retro Design Style

Three novel colors to break with tradition

Fast Heating Speed

With a powerful 2000W, this appliance can transform raw water into a boiling state in less than five minutes.

1.7L Large Capacity

The large capacity satisfies the daily water intake of the family, office, activities and other multi-person application scenarios.

Safety First

Crafted from stainless steel, all components meet FDA standards, ensuring safety and compliance with quality regulations.

Benefit from double insurance settings including dry burning protection and automatic power-off, alleviating concerns about hidden safety hazards.

Easy to Clean

The separate lid design enhances convenience, making it easy to catch water and facilitating effortless cleaning.

Storable Power Cord

quipped with a 90cm long power cord and a base featuring a storage tray, this appliance offers both flexibility and convenience. The extended cord ensures versatile placement, while the storage tray simplifies movement and storage, enhancing overall usability.