BUYDEEM K821 Gooseneck Coffee Kettle with Temperature Control

Cozy Greenish
Oatmeal White
Ink Grey

Experience precise temperature control with the BUYDEEM pour-over coffee dripper, allowing you to achieve the perfect temperature for coffee, tea, pour-overs, and various recipes. Unlike many electric gooseneck kettles with limited preset options, this kettle provides optimal control over your brewing process, ensuring your coffee experience is nothing but a breeze. The BUYDEEM electric gooseneck kettle becomes your perfect brewing partner, enhancing your morning routine with a more flavorful cup of coffee.


Capacity 1.5L
Wattage 700W
Power Cord Length 1.2m

Intelligent Water Boiling

Achieve precise temperature control from 40 to 100 degrees Celsius, with one-degree increments for accurate adjustments. The display screen indicates the entire water temperature, ensuring a more precise and tailored brewing experience to meet the specific needs of tea and coffee enthusiasts.

Professional Hand Brewing Kettle Design

With a swan-neck spout design featuring a unique downward-curved spout, you have the freedom to control the water's flow. The 7mm fine pipe diameter, with its moderate thickness, ensures a smoother and more controlled water distribution, enhancing your pour-over coffee or tea brewing experience.

Automatic Heat Preservation

Experience the thoughtful touch of a humanized automatic heat preservation function, providing a 90-minute retention time to ensure you always have the desired temperature at your fingertips.

Automatic Timing

No need for electronic scales for brewing

Ingenious Design

Enhanced with wider and taller lid handles, along with binaural insulated pot handles and an anti-scald design for the stew holder, this appliance prioritizes safety and ease of use. Additionally, its user-friendly design ensures easy cleaning, providing a hassle-free experience in maintaining the device.

Safety First

Crafted from stainless steel, all components meet FDA standards, ensuring safety and compliance with quality regulations.

Benefit from double insurance settings including dry burning protection and automatic power-off, alleviating concerns about hidden safety hazards.